Bloodroot Sanguinaria Canadensis

One of the earliest Native woodlands. Its early blooms are fleeting but are a harbinger of warm weather. The emergence of the blooms (illustrated in the photo above) is also one of the charms of the plant. The full leaves gives them an entirely different appearance post bloom. They like hillsides to self seed down and need an area you remember to leave alone when they are dormant. I grow crocus, ferns and hostas to mark their area. Very distinctive foliage makes them attractive through the spring with them eventually going dormant (and disappearing) in summer.  The roots were used as a dye by Native Americans.

Light:                 Full to partial shade

Bloom Color:     White

Bloom Time:      Early April

Bloom Height:   6-8 inches

Foliage Height:  6-10 inches

Habit:                 Tight clump

Moisture:            Normal

Uses:                  Early spring show

Categorized as Shade