Jack In The Pulpit

Jack In The PulpitArisaema triphyllum

A native plant with a unique form and bloom. The single stalk with the “pulpit” bloom will continue to get bigger each year and produce some offshoots. The leaves will hold up most of the summer with regular water. They will go dormant and can disappear by midsummer so we try to plant them where we can keep track of them. We transplanted these from the family farm in West Virginia and now they have begun to reseed. These have not been collected in the wild.

Light:                    Full shade

Bloom Color:        Green

Bloom Time:        April

Bloom Height:      6 inches to 2 feet

Foilage Height:     6 inches to 3 feet

Habit:                   Clumps

Moisture:              Normal

Uses:                    Excellent woodland and shade plant

Categorized as Shade