Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder Polemonium reptans

We love this plant in our shade beds. It has lovely ferny foilage and it’s a great companion plant. They maintain a tight clump and will reseed if you go light on the mulch and don’t disturb the area to much. The beautiful blue flower stalks bloom in late Spring and the plant will look good most of the summer and can tolerate fairly dry conditions. We grow them under deciduous trees. Also called Greek Valerian this is a native creeping version that can be seen in local woods here in our area.

Light:                    Full sun to partial shade

Bloom Color:        Blue/Purple

Bloom Time:         May/June

Bloom Height:       24-30 inches

Foilage Height:     12-18 inches

Habit:                    Tight clump

Moisture:               Normal

Uses:                     Shade and woodland gardens

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